Some of the Best TV shows of all time has come to fruition over the last decade including:

  • Game of Thrones; The show has broken the internet, literally. HBO’s website crashed the first night the most recent season aired. The show is set in an alternate world where nine familiies struggle to gain control, meanwhile things like other races and obstacles get in the way.
  • Breaking Bad; What is more addictive than the substances grown in Walter’s garage? Well, the show of course! This bizarre show is oddly addictive and follows a science teacher who takes his science knowledge to a different use as he starts growing/producing illegal substances to help himself out financially.
  • Stranger Things; This show is more recent, but really took audiences by storm as family and friends work together against strange forces to get a missing boy back.
  • Narcos: rooted in the actual ongoings of drug lord Pablo Escabar/ Colombian drug trade and business, this show is intended to offer entertainment with a dash of reality for audiences.
  • Deadwood: Not as mainstream, but the show has great ratings. Set in the 1800’s in Deadwood, South Dakota, this show delves into corruption and a disturbed town.
  • Mad Men: Set in the 1960’s , this show follows Don Draper, a talented but very mysterious executive at one of NYC’s most successful ad firms.
  • Vikings; an attempt to bring the story and capture the lives of Vikings, this show is intended to offer both entertainment value and also historical insight.
  • Supernatural; A gem from earlier in the decade, this show follows two brothers’ journey to fight off strange evil beings from monsters to demons and everything in between.
  • Entourage: A comedic insight into the life of the rich and famous in LA, this show follows a group of fictional friends through LA and all of its ins and outs.