When it’s TV showtime, sometimes it is difficult to find or choose a show to watch; maybe you are picky, maybe you are overwhelmed with choices. Have no fear, check out these suggestions for what to watch next time you are looking for a new show.

Comedic Genius

If it’s been a long day and you’re looking for a laugh or maybe you’re looking for a new show for the whole family;

  • Modern Family: The quick wit and diversity of the show is almost guaranteed to make you laugh. The funniest part of the whole show might be its relatability; there are so many times where you feel like “this could be me”.
  • Family Guy: Not as family friendly, but a good laugh for those with the right sense of humour. Plus, there are 13 seasons fot you to enjoy.


Who doesn’t love a good hospital drama?

  • Grey’s Anatomy: An all time favourite of many. 15 seasons of addictive drama in the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. You will hate how much you love this show and all of the characters in it.
  • Scrubs: Another classic. Hours of binge-worthy ER moments.


  • Game of Thrones: This show is set in a different world yet the characters are somehow still relatable and lovable.
  • The Walking Dead: Who doesn’t love watching a zombie apocalypse happen before their eyes?


  • Criminal Minds: Follows a team of dedicated individuals as they solve various crimes and make the world a little safer every day.
  • Gotham: Less realistic, this show draws characters from DC comics. The show is dark but uplifting all at the same time.


  • Scandal: Focuses on the action behind the scenes of American Politics, the drama, tragedy, affairs and (obviously) scandals are juicy to say the least.
  • House of Cards: This focuses on the darker side of politics but is so good to watch the bad.