Sometimes celebrites are not what they appear. We may fall in love with actors based on characters they play, but what are they like in real life? Here are some of the nice and the mean celebrities according to various sources;

Nicest Celebrities

  • Harry Styles; Check out his twitter and you will understand how Harry Styles could be one of the nicest celebrities today. His positive attitude is contagious and leads us to believe he is a genuinely nice person. Not to mention the fact you will have a hard time finding a picture, video or post of Harry without a big smile on his face. He loves his job and his role and it is apparent
  • Drew Barrymore; Her various co stars and those who have worked with her are open about how lovely she is to work with and generally just to be around.
  • Tom Hanks; His sincerity and dedication to his job, fans and life have earned him a spot on the nice list for sure.
  • Hugh Jackman; Jackman was actually named (unofficially) one of the nicest people in Hollywood. When asked about it, he indicated that he simply tries to be respectful to those he encounters and speaks with. It’s as simple as that!

Mean Celebrities

  • Carry Underwood; If you are surprised to see her name under this heading, you are not the only one. Carry’s sweet demeanour on camera does not reflect her off camera persona. She has reportedly been arrogant and unpelasant to co stars, peers, fans and others.
  • Julia Roberts; A woman who appears to be strong and confident, Roberts is reportedly less than friendly to others, including her own family.
  • Justin Bieber; Justin has spent almost half of his life in the limelight, but that is no excuse for his lack of manners. He is known to be rude, degrading and superficial, especially when it comes to his female fans.
  • Shia Laboeuf; Perhaps it is the drugs and alcohol, but Shia is not known for his kindess and warm heart.