It is no secret that in Hollywood, looks can be everything and fitness is important. Unfortunately for our favourite celebrities, as goes for the rest of us, fitness and health do not come naturally. There is some hard work that goes in behind the scenes. For Example:

  • Taylor Swift; One of our favourite sweethearts keeps her figure by running. Taylor runs for at least an hour a day, even when and ESPECIALLY when on tour. She enjoys the head space on top of the health benefits.
  • Kim Kardashian; Kim’s maintains her curves through bootcamp. These high intensity workouts offer the opportunity to combine cardio, intervals, weights and strength.
  • Ben Affleck: when Ben decided/was asked to play Batman, he first shed fat and leaned out through diet and exercise tailored to losing weight before changing directions completely and starting a bulking/muscle building routine.
  • Shakira: Much like many celebrities, Shakira opts for a personal trainer to help her maintain her figure.
  • Demi Levato: Demi focuses on balance, she does not try to fit into a box, she is unapologetic about her balance between love for food and life as well as exercise.
  • Kate Hudson: Kate has admitted to enjoying sweating, but on her own terms. She likes pilates and dance and getting her body moving in fun and exciting ways.
  • Jessica Biel: Jessica is self admittedly a “boring” adult but swears by lots of water, sleep and avoids alcohol. Her health above her figure is her priority.
  • Michelle Obama: One of the fittest first ladies America has ever seen, Michele attributes her fitness to the actual enjoyment of exercise. She claims to find it therapeutic to work out.
  • Cameron Diaz: Cameron opts for the gym, the group dynamic is motivating and exciting for her. She can work out on her own terms surrounded by others with a common goal.