Netflix Canada has recently released some great shows and movies, some took us by surprise, others are long overdue or anticipated. The list includes:

Casino Movie

  • Runner Runner: Though the movie itself is four years old, it was a relatively recent addition to the Netflix Canada lineup and is a great movie for anyone who enjoys gambling and casino movies. The movie follows a determined grad student who feels played by an online gambling guru and therefore sets out to confront a big name in online gambling. The fun and games are brief before the student learns there is more to his gambling mentor. He is faced with the decision between good and evil and his life is put in jeopardy. The movie focuses on online gambling and the ins and outs of the industry. More on online casinos are available at, check out their latest bonuses and newest slot games.


  • American Pie: This is brand new on Netflix Canada. The hilariously stupid classic has been brought to Netflix for us all to relive the ridiculousness.
  • Friends With Benefits: Runner Runner and Friends with Benefits have more in common than just being on Netflix; they both feature Justin Timberlake in a leading role. The movie is about two coworkers who then quickly escalate to friends and then it goes a step further after failed relationships on both ends and the two decide to quit their respective searches for love and add intimacy/ lust to their friendship which lasts only briefly before becoming complicated.


  • Batman: Bad Blood: Batman is missing and therefore Gotham is without protection. It becomes Dick Grayson’s responsibility to protect the city and help find Batman.

TV Series

  • Orange is The New Black: Back for season 5, the hit show’s newest season features the same loved characters and even some new. The season is packed with riots, love, hate, and everything in between.

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