In this day and age, fitness is something valued by many people worldwide but our definition and concept of fitness has changed drastically. When we talk about fitness and fitness centers, we no longer immediately think of the gym. There are lots of innovative ways to work out and places to sweat like :

Spin Classes

Facilities designed for spin classes exist all over and some are even equipped with lights, sounds and create a full experience during each class. These centers vary in size and the classes are far from conventional spin classes, some are fast, some are slow, some are mountain climbs, some are just for fun.


There are fitness centers designed to push you to your fullest as you embark in full body workouts with the help of a trainer who guides and disciplines you through bootcamp. Bootcamps can vary in intensity and classes can vary in terms of their focus, demographic and desired outcome.


Some fitness centers offer things like modified dodgeball, jump rope and other classic favourites that make working out feel like a throwback to being on the school yard with friends.


Yoga has gained popularity and exists in many forms. It is worth giving hot yoga, hiking yoga or even goat yoga a try. There is also beer yoga and brunch yoga, all offering a balance of fun and sweat.


Some fitness centers have taken a competitive approach where adult jungle gyms entice couples, friends and families to challenge themselves and each other across obstacle courses, races and other fun elements.


Some cities or towns have installed outdoor machines and equipment that allow you the opportunity to tone, lift and workout outdoors. This is fantastic because it is free and accessible by those of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.